Bijin Body Care / 1hour

We begin moisturizing with our finest organic oil deep into to the skin   - moisture has a great effect on the skin and balancing inner organs. You will finish the treatment with shiny flexible skin.

Bijin Face Care / 1hour

This is a unique holistic facial treatment which offers an opportunity for physical and mental regeneration. It is performed by unique hand movements using a 'Wisdom of the Earth' product.  It includes an additional foot and hand reflexology which helps balancing the body and soul, and the cleansing and renewal process of the skin. This treatment will grant you with a glowing skin and a deep relaxation.

Bijin Beauty Premium / 2hour

A combination of all our unique treatments - Bijin body care, Hogushi aroma, and bijin facial care treatment.

We start with a full bijin body care treatment - we begin moisturizing with our house treatment Hogushi Aroma combined with bijin face care - after the polish process, the Hogushi aroma treatment has a great effect on the skin and for balancing inner organs. This treatment will give your body and face a full renewal experience.

After Pregnancy Treatment / 1hour

The post pregnancy massage is specifically suited to the needs of women who have just given birth.  For many generations, new mothers have been given daily massages during the first few weeks after birth, to strengthen the new mother and help her recover.  Medical experts believe that getting massaged after your delivery has several benefits. A good treatment can Reduce pain from aching spots and relax muscle tension. It can help Bringing your body back to its pre-pregnancy state by tightening stretched areas like your tummy and help blood circulation and immunity by stimulating lymph flow. It also encourage the release of oxytocin that helps your milk flow. The treatment will help you deal with pain, tiredness and will simply make you relax…

After Pregnancy Aromatherapy Essences