We have a lot of respect for good quality products that are made by people who love and care about there craft. We are the same.  We want to offer our clients the best products we can find because we belive it will make the experience much enjoyble and healthy. In our salon you will find the best, pure organic, aromatic essential oils, premium Japanese towels and Japanese ancient wisdom of the healings.

Wisdom of the Earth   |   Organic & Medicinal Aroma Essences for face and body. 
Arizona, United States.

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Imabari   |   worldwide famous premium towels

Imabari, Japan.

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Fula   |   Mind and body, healthy balance and peace, activity of life energy connected with the universe. It naturally works on our autonomic nerves and adjusts the rhythms of the mind and body.

Tokyo, Japan.

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Cymatics Therapy   |   Sound wave therapy boosts your immune system and restores your body to balance health.

Nagoya, Japan.

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Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, a British medical doctor and osteopath, developed the fundamental principle* of Cymatics and set numerous precedents for alleviating ailments by conducting research on the notion that each internal system within a healthy living organism emits specific frequencies of compound harmonic sounds in order to shape and maintain itself. CymaSonic Healing uses frequencies developed by Dr. Manners, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician known as the “Father of Auriculotherapy,” and other researchers. Pain or physical condition, chronic symptoms, mental stress. They originate from the disturbance of all cell oscillations. The symphonic therapy is to resonate the inconsistencies of the vibration with sound and vibration and activate the natural healing power

Earthing Healing   |   Earthing mat removes electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic wave measures × Earthing (discharge) × Natural material = ultimate comfort! !

Chiba, Japan.

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