Kiku Wellness Massages Japanese.

Tel: 778-798-5458

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Monday to Sunday 10am to 7pm


805 West Broadway, Suite 1709,

Vancouver, BC


North Vancouver

1501B St. Georges Avenue,

North Vancouver, BC


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After a year of opening, here are the answers to the questions that you ask us often:  

I wish to offer a good gift, how to do?

Here are the good gifts are on sale online! Otherwise you can go to the salon.  

I want to make an appointment or have a little information.

By phone it's easier!  

I am pregnant, I really want a massage ... Is it possible?

Yes under a few minor conditions. Before 4 months of pregnancy, only shiatsu face, then between the 4th and 8th month only the lymphatic massage (including cervical after-work) and for the essential essences, a little more wonderful for the rough skin. And especially specify that you are pregnant by making an appointment.                  

And the massage?

Feet, legs, back, face and arms, in all our massages of one hour, do not hesitate to skip a step to insist on an area or to ask a few minutes of special massage detox / digestion!

I might be late or cancel my appointment?

Please note that any delay of more than 10 minutes will be reflected on the planned massage time and that our cancellation policy is 24 hours notice required. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, there is a re-booking fee of $40.